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Management consulting for employee strategies,
corporate branding and motivation.

Understanding companies and people, grasping interpersonal and operational dynamics and making them successful in HR terms.
With more than 15 years of experience in employee motivation, leadership development, HR-related corporate strategies and corporate branding, I, Florian “Flo” Schuchter, am gladly* at your service as a partner and consultant. We analyze the current corporate culture, advise human resource managers to fully develop the employee potential in the company and jointly initiate necessary change processes. As specialists in employee well-being, communication and psychological corporate social work, we work together to create a better and sustainable work environment in which employees feel comfortable and motivated to contribute, which as a goal leads to economically and operationally successful companies.

*have a look at my mission statement

Good bye bad mood and lack of communication

We analyze the current situation to find out which conditions are stressing your employees and thus reducing the success of your company.
Lack of motivation, mobbing as well as high fluctuation are visible signs of a bad corporate culture. This can be changed.

Welcome Happiness & Success

Ultimately, it is about improving the performance of your company by giving employees the workplace they need to be fully perceived and active as human beings.
It is often the small things that make a big difference and thus create long-term satisfied employees and sustainable business success.


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Action Plan

We humans are so diverse.

That’s why my approach is to understand all parties holistically.

I myself am a colorful mix of rich experience, on the job and private, with the talent to understand people and dynamics and to show what else is possible.

Flo Schuchter Professional
30 years of professional life in various companies and fields of activity.
The last 16 years as a consultant and supporter for a better cooperation on the job with more than 700 companies worldwide.
Studies in communication psychology
Postgraduate training as academic communication consultant for interpersonal communication in professional life

Flo Schuchter Private
Family man and adventurer, bon vivant, mountain climber, motorcyclist, apnoea diver and ice-bather
There is always something new to discover and learn. But in between it is also allowed to chill out. 😉

That's how it Works


First Contact

We will have a phone call for free


Get to know each other

Either live or online we try to find out what it is all about. From this a first (price) preview is created


Get along with each other

The most important thing is, if we fit together or not. Here we need to dig deep and be honest



Here we go. I come by and start with a comprehensive analysis



I draft an action plan in terms of content, time and budget



From someskill events to corporate deepwork. There are the right measures for all situations.

team up!

Whether I work alone or in a team always depends on the project. Depending on the task, I expand my skills with specialized coaches, legal and tax advisors, photographers and videographers, health experts and other specialists.

Mission Statement: My life is valuable, very valuable. I gladly offer my life time and my know how. In exchange I expect an honest benevolent partnership and a appropriate fee. I am not cheap but a very good investment.

then we should talk.

That kind of sweet business pictures and portraits are available at

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